My name is Eglė. I am the head designer and founder of EM Couture. I had been dancing all the time in ballroom dance club ‘Sūkurys’ before I found myself as creative and full of ideas person in dance clothes sector. And today I cannot imagine my life without creativity. My job lets me improve myself, look for new ideas and make incredible decisions.

My mother, very talented and bright person, was the first, who noticed my talent and ideas. She encouraged me to open my own dance clothes salon. My mother taught me, that clothes must be fashionable, but still exclusive – created with love.  While studying at the university, I was the founder of the young dancers group. So I began to take an interest and started sew dresses for them. I wanted the girls to feel exceptional and unique, like small princesses, because every girl wanted to be like a princess in childhood. I believe that properly selected clothes can help to reveal the charisma of dancer. I know how it is important to feel comfortable and nice on the floor. The right costume can work to enhance one’s confidence and creative expression.

EM couture – is continuation of my dancing career. I cannot imagine a single day without this activity. It’s like a dream which came true. Today I can share it with both: from starting dancers to world–class professionals.

The history of EM couture: from then until now

EM Couture was founded in Kaunas, Lithuania in 1993. I built a small team of trusted dressmakers who helped realise my vision. Today, we have ten professional members of the team: dressmakers, masters and creative decorators. As a team we proud ourselves using only the finest materials and haute couture techniques. Focus on details and quality is always in our hearts. We seek that our products will be masterpieces. We want our clients to feel that we are attentive and caring, designing them with the perfect costume. Each of us can bring something beautiful and unique into the process. Every day we create small miracles, which bloom in the most beautiful colours of dancing whirl.

EM couture dresses live their own life

Each EM couture dress is like a tree ring – unique and exclusive. Around the world there are no two equal trees, as well as there is no two identical designer Eglė modelled dresses. Each dress has its own history, character and waiting for just the only one of its owner. We preserve this philosophy in our company and offer world–class quality and design throughout all range of dresses.

EM couture dresses – it is a symbol of individuality.

They are light as a dancer, dancing gracefully and circulating on the parquet. All dresses designed and made in salon – reflection of haute couture, masterpiece, made from the highest quality materials and intended for the customers who are able to evaluate the quality and perfect design harmony.

International recognition

EM couture created dancing dresses are recognised in international waters. Our dresses are chosen by clients from Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Poland, Kazakhstan, Italy, Japan, Scandinavia, the United States and other countries.

Our clients

We have designed dresses for the icons of the dance world such as Ieva Žukauskaitė, Veronika Golodneva, Aleksandra Galkina, Patricija Belousova and Edita Daniūtė. Our dresses adorned Edita Daniūte from 13 years and she is still with us.